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Custom Made Down Comforters To Your Size & Fill

Fill, or 100% Duck Down fill for your custom sized comforter!

  • Made to your size

  • Available in Down Alternative or 100% White Goose Down

  • Select your ounces of fill

  • Available with ties in all corners

  • Box quilted keeping fill from shifting

  • All comforters are custom made to your sizes and fill
    content. Please contact us with any questions. Orders will
    ship within 5 business days from order date.
Contact Us Today!
We offer a free quoting service on all your design projects. This will
ensure the exact yardage required and labor costs to maximize your ensure
the exact yardage required and labor costs to maximize your profits on
each job.

We look forward to working with you!

ph: 916-920-2070
fax: 916-920-2075

weeks from receipt of fabrics and workorders.

*Light Fill - Warmth Level 1 (Summer Comforter) The warmth of one or two
thick blankets, without the weight. Our most popular warmth level, typically
used fall through spring. Ideal for warm bedrooms or warm sleepers and
can be used year round.

*Medium Fill - Warmth Level 2 Provides the warmth of two to three thick
blankets. Suitable for cold sleepers in cool bedrooms or warm sleepers in
cold climates.

*Heavy Fill - Warmth Level 3 Created specifically for cold bedrooms in winter.
Interior fabric baffles add extra warmth, so you stay warm all winter long.

*Over Filled - Warmth Level 4 Originally used in the unheated bedrooms of
European farmhouses. Overfilled with baffle interior walls. Provides ultimate
warmth for cold sleepers in cold climates or normal sleepers in very cold
*Goose: Goose down is the most commonly used type of
down for down comforters. It is available in both white and gray
goose down, and the color has no effect on the quality. White
goose down is usually used because it doesn't show through
white comforter shells.

*Duck: While most manufacturers use goose down, duck
down is also used. Duck down is most often found in
lower-end comforters.

*Alternative Down Fill Material - Polyester: This synthetic fill is a
budget-friendly option that's great for allergy-sufferers. Get the
luxury of down and avoid allergy issues with down-alternative
Polyester fill. This comforter is made of polyester fiber for a
quality loft that's hypoallergenic.
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