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Custom Cushions
"Workroom For The Interior Design Trade"
Templates provided by you or an installer. We use upgraded
upholstery grade medium density foam. All cushions include a single
layer of Dacron wrap for crowning of the cushion. Cushions are
fabricated to meet any thickness or depth needed for a perfect fit
including cut-outs and miters for bay windows seat cushions.
Window Seat / Bench Cushions

  • Price Includes Medium Density Foam, Dacron Wrap & Zipper Closure W/ Flap
  • Irregular Shaped Cushions Or Cushions W/ Cut-outs Require Template
  • Cushions Priced By The Lineal Foot
Boxed Style
Boxed Style
Waterfall Style
Boxed & Shirred Style
Knife Edge Style
Chair Seat Cushions

  • Knife Edge - No Welt
  • Knife Edge - With Welt
  • Boxed - No Welt
  • Boxed - With Top & Bottom Welt
  • Knife edge With Welt & Ruffle
  • Boxed or Knife Edge With Half Skirt

Custom Fabricated To Your Sizes & Style
Ties, velcro tabs & snaps can be added to any cushion
Custom Cushions Available In All Sizes, Shapes, and Styles!!
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We offer a free quoting service on all your design projects. This will
ensure the exact yardage required and labor costs to maximize your
profits on each job.

Please complete the project information above for a detailed estimate.     
We look forward to working with you!

ph: 916-920-2070
fax: 916-920-2075
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Custom Home Interiors
"Workroom For The Interior Design Trade"
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