Murphy Valance

  • Valances are mounted on board and fabricated to your size, style, and fabric selection
  • Lined in standard lining (Available with interlining or blackout lining)
  • Standard finished length of 18"
  • Available as inside or outside mount
  • All fabrics are pattern matched at seams and valance face
  • Orders completed within 2-6 weeks
Many More Styles Available - Made To Your Size, Style, And Fabric Selection!
  • Long Point 36”.  Short Point Approximately ½ Of Long Point.
  • Face Board Is 31/2” Wide And Padded Above Swags.
  • ½” Welt Or Decorative Trim (No Lip) At The Top Of Swags, And ¼” Welt Or Decorative Cord (With Lip) At Top Of Board.
  • Valances Are Constructed With One Bell And One Swag From A Width Of Fabric, Therefore All Bells And Swags Match.  
    One Swag Every 18” – 24” Approximately.
  • 2” Double Hem Is Standard.
  • Valance Is Constructed With Bells Approximately 3” At The Top And Tapering To 6” At The Bottom.
  • Self Or Contrast Lining Is Standard.  Pillowcased Lining Will Show At Jabots (Bells).
  • Returns Are Cascades.
  • Welt Will Be Cut On Bias.
  • Any Drapery Style Fabric Can Be Used, Although Sheer Fabrics Will Not Work.
  • Patterns Will Be Matched On Seams, Bells And Swags.  The Exception Is Drop Matched Patterns Which Will Not Work On
    This Treatment Unless Considerably Extra Fabric Is Purchased.
  • You Must Interline If A Printed Fabric Or Dark Solid For Lining Shows Through.   
Board Mounted Valances
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